Dr. Peter Lake, Rogers Memorial Hospital, mental health issues

 Dr. Peter Lake


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Show #1213 first aired 3/25/12.

Dr. Peter Lake, Medical Director of Rogers Memorial Hospital in Oconomowoc talks with Karen about the issues individuals and their families can face when dealing with mental health and substance abuse in their lives.

 Peter M. Lake, MD, is a board-certified child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist and is the medical director of Rogers Memorial Hospital in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin; Child and Adolescent Services in Oconomowoc and the Child and Adolescent Center.

 Dr. Lake has been in private practice since 1991, serving as vice chairman in the Department of Psychiatry at Physicians Plus Medical Group, S.C.; and associate medical director for Physicians Plus Mental Health Case Management and Consultation System, Madison until the fall of 1999. He was also an associate clinical professor at the University of Wisconsin Medical School. Currently, Dr. Lake practices full time at Rogers.

For more than 100 years, Rogers Memorial Hospital has anchored itself in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, evolving with the times, growing with the needs of the community. Known as the Oconomowoc Health Resort when it opened in 1907, its founder Dr. Arthur Rogers was committed to increasing the accessibility of mental health care and providing innovative mental health care treatment options to the area.

Today, Dr. Rogers would be proud to know that his creation is Wisconsin’s only free-standing, unaffiliated not-for-profit psychiatric hospital, steadfast in its commitment to provide quality treatment to as many people as possible.

 Rogers Memorial Hospital is a key corporation of Rogers Behavioral Health System, Inc. This not-for-profit system consists of four initial key corporations: the hospital with its multiple locations; Rogers Center for Research and Training; Rogers Partners in Behavioral Health; and Rogers Memorial Hospital Foundation.

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